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Deadline :

You must post your predictions at the latest 1 hour before the start of the Grand Prix. However, this is no restriction on how early you can post your predictions. You always have the option to change your prediction, anytime until at least 1 hour before the start of the GP.

How the points are calculated:

The scoring system is the same as the real championship: 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1 points, so with the perfect prediction, you would score a maximum of 101 points.
The difference is that some of these points are also granted for drivers you have predicted in the wrong order. This is explained in more details below.

Please note that for 2014, although drivers and constructors will be granted double the points for the last race, this is not the case for the players, unless you play one of your three jokers.

Default Grid rule :

Points normally granted for default predictions are divided by two. This aims to stop people who are registered but not playing from getting a better score than those who play... This also means that if you forget to play, you will get more penalised, so careful with holidays, etc!.

Points for the fastest lap prediction:

You will get an extra 5 points if you predict correctly who will time the fastest lap during the race.

Points for the driver and constructors' title:

For the first Grand Prix of the season, you have to also make your prediction on the driver and constructors' title.

At the end of the season, you get an extra 5 points if you had predicted correctly who would win the drivers' title and an extra 5 points if you had predicted correctly who would win the constructors' title.

Default predictions:

During the season, you will receive a maximum of 3 default predictions. A default prediction represents the points you would have had if the drivers had finished the race in the same order as the starting grid, divided by two (2012). This allows you not to lose too many points when when you have forgotten to do your predictions or when you have no access to the Internet.


Each player can play 3 jokers. Each joker played will double the points granted for the race. If you were granted a 5 point bonus for the fastest lap, these 2 points will also be doubled. When you are on the Predictions page, a drop-down menu will tell you how many jokers you have left. If you play one joker but later decide to cancel it or to change your predictions, you may do so by logging in and going onto the Predictions page, provided the Grand Prix has not started yet.

The points system explained in detail:

Here's briefly how it works : if you do a spot-on prediction, you score the maximum points. For example, if you predict that J. Button will finish 1st and he does, you would score 25 points.

The perfect prediction:

   Prediction  GP result  Points
1  J. Button  J. Button  25
2  L. Hamilton  L. Hamilton  18
3  S. Vettel  S. Vettel  15
4  M. Webber  M. Webber  12
5  J. Trulli  J. Trulli  10
6  R. Kubica  R. Kubica  8
7  F. Alonso  F. Alonso  6
8  R. Barrichello  R. Barrichello  4
9  S. Buemi  S. Buemi  2
10  F. Massa  F. Massa  1
     Total:  101 points

For drivers that are placed in the top 10 but in the wrong order, you only get a proportion of the points.

For example, if L. Hamilton finished 2nd, but you had predicted he would finish first, you would score 18 points (corresponding to his 2nd place) divided by 2 (corresponding to being off the exact prediction by one place). If L. Hamilton had finished 3rd, you would have scored 15 points divided by 3. Simple, isn't it? Let's take an example:

New 2010 points calculation for drivers in wrong order:

   Prediction  GP result  Points
1  J. Button  S. Vettel
 15 / 3 = 5.00
2  L. Hamilton  L. Hamilton
3  S. Vettel  J. Button
 25 / 3 = 8.33
4  M. Webber  J. Trulli
 10 / 2 = 5.00
5  J. Trulli  M. Webber
 12 / 2 = 6.00
6  R. Kubica  S. Buemi
2 / 5 =0.40
7  F. Alonso  R. Barrichello
 4 / 2 = 2.00
8  R. Barrichello  F. Alonso
 6 / 2 = 3.00
9  S. Buemi  R. Kubica
8 / 4 = 2.00
10  F. Massa  F. Massa
 50.73 points

Other information:

The positions of all the players are displayed in the Players' positions section. They will display the ranking of all the players as they stand.

To see a player's predictions, click on Player's results, select a particular Grand-Prix and then the player whose predictions you'd like to see.

You will not be able to see someone's predictions until the Grand-Prix results have been published. Each players' score will show "0" until the Grand Prix results are updated on the site.